Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Tunnel Diorama

Here is another diorama that I'm working on for some weeks weeks now, actually, it's a snap project and nearly finished at this time, just a few accessories that i need to put-in to complete the whole scene, If, I can think of any, otherwise, that's it. I am terribly sorry that i did not exert an extra effort to share the WIP's for you, I was in a hurry to finish off the scene as quickly as i can and take pictures of the models from last year acquisitions, they have been kept in the cabinet for some months but now they're discarded and free, I'm just too excited to finally post them here in my other blog. Oh, before this one, I 've started a back alley diorama but this tunnel diorama idea just popped up in my head, setting aside the first one and started this instead.Everything just flowed down on me and here is what i got so far.

I would be glad to see you visiting my other site Thanks!

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  1. Very cool stuff. I have just started doing this type of thing as a way to get rid of my stress. Thanks for posting this and all the other blog stuff. Lots of inspiring pictures!